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Christian Personal Injury Attorney

Vehicle Collision

Mandatory Reporting of Accident with DMV / Insurance Considerations

Traffic Collision Checklist

Duty to Stop, Identify, and Assist After Accident

Permissive Use Law California

Hit-and-Run Accidents
Bicycles on Sidewalks or Crosswalks

Auto Insurance Coverage Explained

Vehicle Property Damage Claims

Loss of Use - Vehicle - California Law

Loss of Consortium Claims

Proposition 213 - Civil Code 3333.4

Dangerous, Unsafe Conditions

Exceptions to Subsequent Remedial Measures Exclusion Rule

No Prior Similar Accidents

Trivial Defect Rule

Premises Liability

Comparative Negligence

Who's Liable for Sidewalk_Injuries?

Avoiding Health Gym Liability Waivers

Inadequate Lighting of Premises

Robinson Unfamiliarity and Darkness Rule

Medical Malpractice / Dental Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Professional Negligence v. Ordinary Negligence

Dangerous, Defective, Unsafe Products

Dog Bite

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite or Attack?

Aggravation of Preexisting Conditions

Work Injury

Workers Compensation and Third Party Claims

Going and Coming Rule / Exceptions

Franchisor Tort Liability

Are personal injury settlements and recoveries taxed?

Uninsured  Motorist  Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims - California Law 

Negligent Hand Signalling California

Homeowners Hiring Workers - Liability - California

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Wrongful Death - California Law

Wrongful Death Claimants - California Law

Common Carrier Law - California

Respondeat Superior Law

Christian Business Lawyer

Christian Legal Counsel

Choose the Best Business Type

Successor Liability

A Partnership Agreement is a Must

Breach of Contract

Fraud and Misrepresentation Law in California


Multi-Attorney Christian War Room Brainstorming Session

Seeking formal IRS 501(c)(3) recognition

What is a Church?


Bankruptcy FAQ

What is Bankruptcy?

How Many People File Bankruptcy?

Who Can File Bankruptcy?

How Long does the bankruptcy process take?

Will I lose everything that I own?

Can I keep my house?

Foreclosure Law - California

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Should I keep my home if I file for bankruptcy?

Loan Modification and Short Sale in Relation to Bankruptcy

Loan Modification versus Bankruptcy

Short Sale Bankruptcy

Tax Consequences of Short Sale, Foreclosure, and Debt Settlement

Why is debt forgiveness cancellation taxable income?

What is the effect of a bankruptcy discharge on secured mortgage debt?

Homestead Exemption Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Can I keep my car?

Can I keep my car (more detailed discussion)?

Will filing bankruptcy ruin my credit rating?

Credit Report - Obtain free copy of

Can I give tithes, offerings, and gifts to my church if I file for bankruptcy?

Private and Religious School Expenses

Will filing bankruptcy stop creditors’ telephone calls, collection activities, and lawsuits?

Stop Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies with Bankruptcy

Delay Filing Bankruptcy

Am I required to disclose all of my property and assets?

Am I required to list all of my debts?

Do I have to include my car and home debts in the bankruptcy?

Title on Car is Not in Debtor's Name

Debts not listed but omitted generally discharged per Beezley

May I voluntarily pay any of my debts after bankruptcy?

Common Bankruptcy Terms

What is a Meeting of Creditors?

Directions to Meeting of Creditors

341(a) Directions - Santa Ana, CA

341(a) Directions - Riverside, CA

341(a) Directions - Los Angeles, CA

341(a) Directions - Woodland Hills, CA

What Identification must I bring to the Meeting of Creditors?

Who is the bankruptcy trustee?

What is a bankruptcy discharge?

Chapter 7 discharge

Sample Chapter 7 bankruptcy court discharge order

Chapter 13 discharge

Student loans

Taxes -_Discharged_or Not

CA Sales Taxes -_Dischargeable

May one spouse file bankruptcy and not the other spouse?

Effect of only one spouse filing bankruptcy in a Community Property state

Venue - Where to file bankruptcy

Principal_Assets_- Venue

Common Bankruptcy Terms

Secured Debts


Median Income Test

Means Test

Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Requirements

New Bankruptcy Laws


Fraud Related to Credit Card Use

Listing Legal Claims and Lawsuits

Homeowners Association (HOA) Dues / Fees and Bankruptcy

HOA Liens and Bankruptcy

What is a Lien?

What are Exemptions?

Exemptions Bankruptcy California CCP_703 and 704_Election

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Charge Off Debts

Debt Settlement

Mediator Services

Christian Legal Chronicles

Religion, Beliefs, Work Unions and Union Dues

Non-Right to Work States List

Right to Work States List

Ministerial Exception

Who is a minister?

Church Advocating Political Candidates for Public Office

Intra-Church Disputes

Tort Law and the Golden Rule

McDonald's Coffee Burn Case - Christian Biblical Principles

Churches are Protected from Discrimination Regarding Zoning and Land Use

Churches in Transition

Freedom of Speech on College Campuses

Freedom of Speech and Expression in Public Schools

Laws Protecting Unborn Children and Abortion Law

Jury Trial Right - Vital Importance - Bible Insights

Parental Rights Related to Religious of Upbringing of Children

Is the Right to Bear Arms Biblical?

Is the Right to Bear Arms Constitutional?

Does the Right to Bear Arms Extend Outside of the Home?

Corporal Punishment in California

Parental Liability in California

Liability of Non-Parent Watching Child

Are the Pledge of Allegiance and National Motto Unconstitutional?

May a Christian Lawyer Represent a Guilty Criminal Defendant?

Protection of Churches from Disturbances

What does the Bible say about lawyers? Did Jesus condemn lawyers?

The Vital Importance of Properly Drafted Church or Christian Nonprofit Bylaws

Overcoming the Adverse Home School Ruling in the case of In Re Rachel L

Contact Your Government Officials

Bonds are a Tax

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Christian Get It In Writing

Sample Confirmation Letter

Christians and Lawsuits

The Christian and Personal Injury Claims

God and Government

Bible and Bankruptcy

Christian and Bankruptcy

Law and Grace

Christian Bible Money Finances

Students Religious Rights on Public School Campus

Divine Lawyers

Intelligent Design - Creationism, Courts and Censorship

So You Want to be a Christian Lawyer?

Can a Christian be a Lawyer?

Finding a Christian Attorney

Prayers at City Council Meetings

Amen - One Word Definition

Religious Freedom Retoration Act ("RFRA")

Religious and Secular Laws

A.W. Tozer

Religious Actions are Protected

Subdomain - Christian Prayer Quotations

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Bible and Legal Resources Page

Statement of Faith

How to go to heaven when you die


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Accrual Statute of Limitations - California

Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Legal Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Defamation Statute of Limitations - California

Fraud Statute of Limitation - California

Government Claim Statute of Limitations_California

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Other Articles

Fiduciary California

Attorney Fee Agreements California

Litigation Stress Damages

Lawsuit Phases / Stages

Deposition Preparation

Conflicting California Appellate Court Decisions

Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Motion for Relief from Default per CCP 473

Motion to Amend Complaint per CCP 473-474



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