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Step One: Pray.  For example:

"Father God, help me to find a wise, ethical, skillful and knowledgeable attorney, preferably a Christian lawyer.  And give me and my lawyer favor with whoever may be involved in any way in my legal matter.  In Jesus name.  Amen!"

Step Two: Search.

Internet Search Online:

Websites belonging to Christian legal organizations such as, for example, the Christian Legal Society (“CLS”)  may  have  a  referral  or lawyer directory page.

However, particularly with any directory or referral services, you need to diligently seek to verify that the lawyer listed is genuinely a Christian. 

       Key words to type on a search engine query are, for example:

       “Christian Attorney California

       “Christian Lawyer Dallas County TX”

       “Christian criminal law attorney New York City

Christian Bookstores: Also, you can visit local Christian bookstores.  Sometimes, at such bookstores, there are one or more Christian advertising publications that contain ads from one or more professing Christian lawyers.

Ask other Christian lawyers in your area: Sometimes, a Christian lawyer with expertise in one area of law may know a Christian attorney with expertise in another area of law.

Churches: Sometimes, churches, especially larger sized churches, can be a source of an attorney referral.

Step Three - Do your Due Diligence: If you are seeking a Christian attorney, then verify that he or she is a true, practicing, dedicated and devout Christian (Ask questions such as: "Do you regularly attend church?"  "What church?"  "How often do you read the Bible?"). 

Further, perform your due diligence to verify that he or she has the requisite knowledge, experience and skill in the area of law that you are seeking representation.

Before actually hiring or retaining an attorney, you may want to ask some or all of these questions to him or her:

1.      How many years have you practiced for example "bankruptcy law"?

2.      What percentage of your practice is devoted to that area of law?

3.      Will you be handling my case?

4.      How many cases (in this area of law) have you handled in your career?

Check out the attorney's state's bar website.  The State Bar, who regulates attorneys licensed in that state typically posts information about the attorney such as: (1) Educational background; (2) Years of practice; and (3) Whether he or she has a history of discipline or has ever been suspended from the practice of law.

Internet Research: To research a specific attorney on the internet, use a search engine such as Google, MSN or Yahoo, and type their first name, then their middle initial, and then their last name, example “John Q. Smith” and possibly also type the word “attorney” or “lawyer.”

If you contact an attorney who declines your case, network by asking, "Do you know or have any ideas of who might be interested in representing me? Or do you know any organizations or attorneys who might provide me with a lead or an attorney referral?”

Attorneys Fees And Costs: Of course, if the lawyer appears ready, willing and able to represent you, be sure to ask about his of her fees.  See article Attorney Fee Agreements in California.

Lastly, in seeking to find a good attorney, don't forget the intangibles such as intuition and gut feelings.

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