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Severe personal injuries caused by fire, explosion, and electrocution may occur during a wide range of events. Examples include: Car accidents, truck collisions;  construction site incidents;  and events at homes and apartments.

Fires.  Explosions.  Electrocution.  These frequently result in catastrophic injuries (severe burns, fractures, disfiguration, amputations, paralysis, and even death).

The key to recovery for injuries and damages is to discover the cause of the fire, explosion, or electrocution.  Fires and explosions often destroy the source of the fire or explosion, and, thus, determining liability can be problematic.  Accordingly, investigators must be retained to ascertain what caused the fire or explosion.

Typical causes of such accidents are code violations, gas leaks, improper electrical installation, faulty wiring, and defective or hazardous products.

Burn injuries can result from: building fires, motor vehicle fires, smoke and heat, hot liquid, chemicals, flammable liquids, hot liquids, gas explosions, flammable clothing, accidents at home, work or recreation, water heater fires or explosions.

If you, a family member, coworker, or a loved one have been injured in a manner as described in this article, immediately contact California Christian attorney, Matthew B. Tozer.