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Yes, you must list ALL of your debts when you file bankruptcy.  You can't pick and choose what debts to list on your bankruptcy petition.

The law requires you to list all debts, even the debts you desire to repay.  For example, your bankruptcy petition must list:

Mortgage debts;

Car loan debts;

Debts owed to family, relatives, or friends.

However, the law does allow you to voluntarily repay a debt listed on your bankruptcy petition. However, first promptly seek advice from a bankruptcy attorney before repaying any debt before, during, or after filing bankruptcy to avoid a number of potential land mines, that is, serious consequences that can occur.

The bankruptcy petition is signed under penalty of perjury.  To purposefully not include a debt on your bankruptcy petition is perjury.  Perjury is a felony crime that, if one is prosecuted and convicted, can include prison time and fines.  

Additionally, list debts that others might allege or think that you owe, even though you do not believe that you owe the debt.  Such debts will be listed as a "disputed debt."

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Under the new bankruptcy laws, Matthew Tozer is a debt relief agency because he helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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