Regarding the required credit counseling course offered by GreenPath:
  • You should read the text on each page. It will help you move through the session.
  • Net Income: Under income, you don't have to click on the "Calculate Net Income" button. You can simply enter your NET income in the field provided on this page and select the frequency of  your pay.
  • Combining Debts: You can combine credit card debt - you don't have to enter each debt individually. This holds true for all debt types, for example, (1) all student loans can be entered as one student loan debt or (2) all medical bills can be entered as one medical debt.
  • For credit cards, you should use the "quick entry" button. All fields on that page are not required, only the total approximate balance, and you can enter "all credit cards" in the creditor name field.
  • Required Fields: The fields that are required have "required" next to them. You don't need to spend time looking for data that isn't required. If you know it then you can enter it, but if you have to spend time looking for it you should move on.
  • Housing Section shortcuts: In the housing section the mortgage loan balance, interest rate type, interest percentage, and market value of the home are not required. If the you don't have this information readily available, you can simply click NEXT on each of those pages.
  • Correcting Data Already Entered: You have the ability to add/edit/delete when you reach the summary of each section. If you make a mistake or leave something out you are able to correct it from the summary page.



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