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Articles - Featured

Bankruptcy and the Bible - What does the Bible say about bankruptcy?

Christians and Lawsuits - May a Christian sue another Christian? Does the Bible permit Christians to file a lawsuit at all?

The Christian and Personal Injury Claims - Does the Bible condemn and/or provide guidance relating to Christians presenting personal injury claims?


Bankruptcy and the Bible - What does the Bible say about bankruptcy?

Church Tithes, Giving and Bankruptcy - May a person file for bankruptcy protection and continue to give tithes or offerings?

Religious School Expenses in Bankruptcy - Is religious private school tuition a reasonably necessary expense in bankruptcy?

Business Law

Get it in Writing - Christians doing business with other Christians ought to have all such agreements in writing.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Warning: Christian church members beware of "can't lose" and "guaranteed" above market rate investment opportunities offered by other church members or church leaders.

Church and Nonprofit Law

Intra-Church Disputes - Does a government court have a legal right to adjudicate a church dispute?

Churches in the Political Arena - Churches and nonprofits may not support or oppose a political candidate running for governmental office but may engage in limited legislative advocacy.

The Vital Importance of Properly Drafted Church or Christian Nonprofit Bylaws - Church and Christian nonprofits' bylaws are the most important legal document of the organization. When should an existing church amend, update or restate its bylaws?

Churches in Transition - Churches in or contemplating change in structure and/or leadership ought to seek legal guidance before making the changes.

Churches are Protected from Discrimination Regarding Zoning and Land Use - This 2011 case of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel v. City of San Leandro reveals that, under federal RLUIPA law, churches are protected from discrimination in land use and zoning.

Protection of Churches from Disturbances - The California Penal (criminal) Code provides laws that punish persons from disturbing assemblies and its members.

Constitutional Law

Are the Pledge of Allegiance and National Motto Unconstitutional? - Two Ninth Circuit cases declare that the word "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance and in the national motto ("In God we Trust") do not violate the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Intelligent Design - Creationism, Courts and Censorship - Opinion article regarding teaching Intelligent Design at public schools and universities.

Is the Right to Bear Arms Constitutional? - Does the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution actually provide a constitutional basis for individual citizens to possess weapons?

Is the Right to Bear Arms Biblical? - Is there a Biblical basis for possessing weapons for purposes of self-defense?

Does the Right to Bear Arms Extend Outside of the Home? - 2014 9th Circuit appeals cases holds that California gun control law violates the Second Amendment.

Jury Trial Right - Vital Importance - Bible Insights - The important right to a jury trial is protected by the U.S. Constitution with roots based on Biblical principles.

Laws Protecting Unborn Children and Abortion Law - Unborn children may be protected by state and/or federal law from harm. Exception: Abortion.

Prayers at City Council Meetings - City council's practice of opening its meetings with privately led prayers was held to be constitutional.

Religious Actions are Protected - Religious action, not just religious belief, is generally protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act ("RFRA") - What is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Criminal Law

May a Christian Lawyer Represent a Guilty Criminal Defendant? - Should a Christian attorney represent criminal defendants, particularly those who committed a crime?

Employment Law

Ministerial Exception - May a "minister" bring a legal claim of wrongful termination against the employer church?

Religion, Beliefs, Work Unions and Union Dues - Is an employee required to join a union and/or pay union dues? What about religious objectors?

Family Law / Divorce Law

Parental Rights Related to Religious of Upbringing of Children - May a divorce or civil court interfere with a parent’s religious upbringing of a child?


Christians and Lawsuits - May a Christian sue another Christian? Does the Bible permit Christians to file a lawsuit at all?


Bible, Jesus and Lawyers - Does the Bible speaks negatively about attorneys at law?

So You Want to be a Christian Lawyer? - Advice to Christian students who may be interested in becoming a lawyer.

Can a Christian be a Lawyer? - May a Christian, in good conscience, practice law?

Legislative Lobbying

Contact Your Government Officials - How to easily and effectively contact and influence your government representatives.

Parent Law

Corporal Punishment in California - May I spank my child or legally administer other corporal punishment?

Personal Injury and Tort Law

The Christian and Personal Injury Claims - Does the Bible condemn and/or provide guidance relating to Christians presenting personal injury claims?

Tort Law and the Golden Rule - A California appellate decision states that the law of negligence finds its origin in the Golden Rule.

School Law

Intelligent Design - Creationism, Courts and Censorship - Can intelligent design and creationism be taught in public schools and universities? Can Darwinism and evolution be criticized?

Freedom of Speech and Expression in Public Schools - As of 2012, generally, public school students have a right to free speech and expression even if it is considered offensive or hateful.

Freedom of Speech on College Campus - Under prior and current 2010 law, the US Constitution right to freedom of speech is protected and enforceable at public colleges and universities.

Overcoming the Adverse Home School Ruling of In Re Rachel L - The controversial and adverse home school ruling by the California Appellate Court in the case of In Re Rachael L. and explains practical and legal ways that the ruling may be overcome and/or avoided.

Students Religious Rights at Public Schools - This article discusses what students' religious rights in public schools. Students, parents, teachers, and administration may be surprised to lean how broad students' religious rights are in the public schools.

Secular Government

God and Government - God ordains governments to restrain evil and provide law and order.

Religious and Secular Laws - To what extent can religious morality be imposed in a secular democracy?

Theological / Miscellaneous

Christian Bible Money Finances - What does the Bible say about money and finances? Financial wisdom for Christians.

Divine Lawyers - Does the Bible declare that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are our divine attorneys?

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